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I am happy to report that WinWeb has launched WinWeb CashBook. It is the first module completely coded in AJAX, so it’s behavior is much more like a desktop application, and not like a web page. We will release more and more of our code in AJAX over the next month.

CashBook is a accountant partner only plugin for AccountsOffice+ and OnlineOffice ( it requires the FileStore functionality ). Accountants will set their clients up who have no understanding or interest in bookkeeping/accounting.

For Users:-

Using the Cashbook couldn’t be easier and you don’t need to know anything about accounting. .

Whatever method you use to record your income & expenses at the moment, instead simply enter the details on a form on the Payments & Receipts pages of ‘Cashbook’ to record any money paid into or out of your business. Enter the details on a form on the Purchases & Sales pages of ‘Cashbook’ to record any invoices to or from your business. You will then have a record of all your income & expenses shown with monthly totals.

If you make any mistakes, use the edit button to change entries or just overwrite with the next entry you want to make.

Use the balance outstanding column, on the Purchases & Sales pages, to check how much money you owe or chase any money owed to you.

Let your accountant post your entries for you & you will see reports of how your business is doing.

For Accountants:-

You will be able to set up your clients with AccountsOffice+ or OnlineOffice to give them access to ‘Cashbook’.

Using the Settings page, you will be able to set Standard or Cash Accounting or, if your client is not VAT registered, just switch off the VAT.

To post your client’s entries, using the ‘Post Payments’ & ‘Post Receipts’ pages, you only need to select the nominal account, VAT account & bank accounts.. Before posting, any mistakes can be changed by editing the entry on the Payments or Receipts pages.

With your accountant’s log in, you will be able to prepare VAT returns & reconcile bank / cash accounts & will be in control of the chart of accounts, which you can customise to suit your client’s business. Your client will be able to view the nominal ledger, trial balance, profit & loss & balance sheet reports but will be unable to change any of these.

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