In keeping with the theme of employing staff

We all now know that from 1 October the National Minimum Wage ‘NMW’ is going up, so I thought I would share with you the top ten most commonly used reasons employers give for not paying the National Minimum Wage when caught by HM Revenue & Customs:

10. I only took him on as a favour
9. The workers can’t speak English
8. He’s over 65, so the national minimum wage doesn’t apply
7. She’s on benefits – if you add those to her pay, it totals the NMW
6. They can’t cope on their own and it’s more than they would get in their own country
5. He’s disabled
4. I didn’t think it applied to small employers
3. I didn’t think the workers were worth NMW
2. But she only wanted £3 an hour
1. He doesn’t deserve it – he’s a total waste of space

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