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An interesting article in AccountancyAge the other day about Warren Tayler, the chairman of AIM-listed direct marketing group,, he has blasted the accountancy profession.

In a letter he wrote to the FT he said the group’s auditors had trebled the fee without explaining why.

He goes on to say that ‘while many businesses are cutting overheads and staff costs by the use of technology, the accounting profession, while stating that they too are moving with the time, end up greatly increasing the costs to clients’.

He went on to question why auditors could not use the internet to update client accounts in real-time.

Well Mr. Tayler, they can and we do!

We don’t act as auditors, and we don’t have AIM-listed clients, we offer our services to smaller businesses, and since September last year (2005) we have offered FREE online real-time accounting software to all our client (that want it) in association with WinWeb

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