September 2006
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Day September 28, 2006

50 meter (150 feet) insect found.

As you can see on Google Earth, their is a problem in Germany. It is about 50 meters long (150 feet) and could be a problem on the nearby motor-way.

WinWeb, SaaS and the Environment.

products you can out-source or home-source additional work, using an largely untapped labour market of skilled virtual assistance, who do not need an office, desk, computer, software, heating, air-conditioning, etc. again saving time, money and benefitting the environment.SUPPORT ONLINE.... Since none of the processing is done on the clients PC there is less need to upgrade the computer hardware, it certainly gives computers a longer service life.Some of these benefits may also be available by using the old software model and desk-top applications, but in comparison they are very limited.

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