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Month September 2006

Keeping with the theme of what next

My recent posting what next marked the end of my bite sized start up guides which means it’s now time to move your business ideas forward, and in this vain for all those budding Jamie Oliver’s out there here is a great site to help you find the restaurant of your dreams, go have a…

Barriers to growth

Martin Rushton made a comment on an earlier blog that if you are going to run a small business here in the UK then ‘Don’t employ anybody else’. It may seem like Martin was having a bad day, but he has a very valid point concerning the ‘red tape’ and ‘regulation’ that comes with the…

Why start a business

As you know for the last 3 months my postings have concentrated on giving some bite sized guidance to those thinking about going it alone. I hope I have at least given some assistance to a small number of you who found yourself reading the blog and thinking should I or shouldn’t I? A recent…

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