Who is right, and who is running things?

My post today is one that is close to home, and also follows on from the theme of running a small business here in the UK.

This is a news item that has probably gone unnoticed by many, unless you happen to be one of the 26 staff members of Bowland Dairy.

Bowland Dairy is was a Lancashire based cheese maker that has fallen foul of an ongoing dispute between the European Commission and the Foods Standards Agency here in the UK.

The dispute surrounds the use of milk that showed signs of antibiotic residues.

I would like to think the UK Foods Standards Agency were right, and looking at previous problems with British beef and the European Commission you have to wonder who is in the right.

The sad thing about this, is, firstly here is an other UK small business gone to the wall with the loss of jobs for the 26 staff and the next thing is more evidence that the UK is not allowed to run it's own affairs, not only that, but it would now appear that according to a recent BBC news item the European Commission is to take legal action against the UK. Tony what is going on?

Emily recently posted about all the red tape that a small Limited company must comply with and how mind boggling it all is, then Philip commented about the recently introduced age discrimination rules which are also very easy to trip over.

Make no mistake, running a small business in the UK has become harder in the last 9 years with legislation and regulation, yet in spite of this, more and more people every year are leaving the comfort of that monthly or weekly pay cheque to set out on their own, yes a lot fail, but then again there are many successes also.

The dream of running your own business is still a strong pull for many, it was for me, and if you want to make the leap, then do so, don't be put off by all the mind boggling stuff that you have to deal with, just make sure you get a good team of advisers around you and let them worry about all that while you run your own business.

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