WinWeb hits 35’000 registered users and counting.

Yesterday we recorded our 35’000 user I am very happy to report. Not only that but our monthly growth-rate is currently still about 10 – 12 %. About 80 % of these users are UK based.

Considering I was aiming for 10’000 users by the end of this year, I am very happy with the result so far. Our predictions for the year end are six figure numbers. So I hope to be able to make a further announcement here soon.

A major catalyst for this extraordinary growth so far was our CashBook which has been adopted by users and accountants alike. A big thank you to everybody for that, considering that the idea for the CashBook came from our accounting partner community.

On another note we have finished the implementation of AccountsVision so exporting the client data to AccountsVision could not be easier. Accountants can export with the .wtp-format and prepare final accounts in now time.

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