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Alternative simple accounting for micro-businesses

A few weeks ago I had quite a heated debate with Richard Murphy on the issue of cash accounting for small businesses. As he opposed that idea, I – and others – asked him to put forward an alternative solution, as the one point we all agreed upon was that the tax regime for small…

Is the SaaS industry cool-hunting?

services that small businesses need.Cool-hunting would suggest that there is some sort of choice in what is needed ( cool ) and what is not needed ( out ).... But you do not survive in business because you use cool business tools.Having worked in the IT industry for 30 years, I can't help but wonder if it is not time to concentrate on our customers needs, rather then telling our customers what they need.Just a thought!

£8 billion in online sales, are you getting your share?

Online sales is a fast-growing area for businesses of all types, yet so many small businesses are missing the boat, why? Well those helpful people over at bytestart have done it again for the start up and small business, they have arranged a live Webchat with the head of merchant services at PayPal, Carl Olav.…

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