Is the SaaS industry cool-hunting?

On my flight to Hong Kong I was watching the Quantas Business Channel (I know that is sad!), the topic was Coolhunting for marketing to teenagers.

Reading Phil Wainewright the other day about what next for Web 2.0, I am wondering if the SaaS industry is also cool-hunting? Are our software clients looking to be cool, or do they just want to get things done.

In the end-user arena I think it is important to be cool, like YouTube, MySpace, Google and others. But in my business sector the small (1-5 people businesses) that approach would be foolish, I think!? We need to concentrate on delivering simple, self-explanatory IT solutions in connection with Live! services that small businesses need.

Cool-hunting would suggest that there is some sort of choice in what is needed ( cool ) and what is not needed ( out ). That would certainly not apply to small business needs. It is important that small businesses survive, that is cool. But you do not survive in business because you use cool business tools.

Having worked in the IT industry for 30 years, I can’t help but wonder if it is not time to concentrate on our customers needs, rather then telling our customers what they need.

Just a thought!

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