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Year 2006

New Guest Blogger: Emily Coltman

She qualified 3 years ago and since then has developed a strong interest in using accounts software to help small business clients keep their records with as little worry as possible.... Emily is apparently delighted to receive my invitation to join this blog and looks forward to talking to lots more small businesses and users of WinWeb.

The world has gone mad

I had to post this. Stuart over in the beautiful Lake District is finding it hard to get his best friend Bart a credit card with MBNA. Now you should know, that MBNA wrote to Stuart’s best friend offering him a credit card, but as Bart is Stuart’s dog it was necessary for Stuart to…

WinWeb CashBook FREE!

After spending a couple of hours on online support on Saturday and Sunday, following our new Plug-in CashBook (find Demo here) release, you may be mistaken to believe that I was helping my customers to use the new plug-in.... This will be a big time saving for the professional part of the work, allowing the accountant/bookkeeper to service more clients.Every day when I do online support, I think I get more out of it then my clients, and that is not only because I "suck" at giving support!

WinWeb Silver & Gold Accounting Partner SaaS Benefit.

But, when it happens you can do things like this:From October 1st, 2006 all our Silver and Gold Accounting Partners will receive a 80% subscription revenue share on all clients signed up through the partner firm.This will further enhance the opportunities for our partners to offer help and support for our SOHO clients.... This in turn will further enhance our SBI - Small Business Infrastructure approach, by getting our partners into the SOHO businesses, with the aim to reduce mortality rate among our clients.

50 meter (150 feet) insect found.

As you can see on Google Earth, their is a problem in Germany. It is about 50 meters long (150 feet) and could be a problem on the nearby motor-way.

WinWeb, SaaS and the Environment.

products you can out-source or home-source additional work, using an largely untapped labour market of skilled virtual assistance, who do not need an office, desk, computer, software, heating, air-conditioning, etc. again saving time, money and benefitting the environment.SUPPORT ONLINE.... Since none of the processing is done on the clients PC there is less need to upgrade the computer hardware, it certainly gives computers a longer service life.Some of these benefits may also be available by using the old software model and desk-top applications, but in comparison they are very limited.

Staff advert …

Dennis over at AccMan has put an interesting twist on a job advertisement. The job advert is for accountancy firm Goodman Jones, who unfortunately use one of WinWeb’s competitors Twinfield, never mind you can’t always get it right (only kidding David, we all know it’s a nice product). Dennis has rewritten, and in my opinion,…

Accounts in real-time

An interesting article in AccountancyAge the other day about Warren Tayler, the chairman of AIM-listed direct marketing group,, he has blasted the accountancy profession. In a letter he wrote to the FT he said the group’s auditors had trebled the fee without explaining why. He goes on to say that ‘while many businesses are…

In keeping with the theme of employing staff

We all now know that from 1 October the National Minimum Wage ‘NMW’ is going up, so I thought I would share with you the top ten most commonly used reasons employers give for not paying the National Minimum Wage when caught by HM Revenue & Customs: 10. I only took him on as a…

1st October 2006, what a day!

Soon October will be upon us, and with it some important changes for those of you who employ staff. I know recent postings have mentioned employing staff, well here are a few more things to be aware of from 1st October 2006: National minimum wage increases Changes in statutory maternity and adoption leave New age…

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