Tracking down the home truths

More than one million Australians generate their income from running a business from home – and the number is steadily growing. While this is a small number for European or US markets, in Australia it represents two-thirds of all small business.

In recent discussions with Australia’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, they admitted that they know very little about the needs and activities of home based businesses. Among he questions they ask are:

  • Why do people start home based business?
  • What impacts on their ability to grow or remain in business?
  • Are home based businesses viable away from home?
  • Which industries have home based business components?
  • What skill level do home based business entrepreneurs have?

The question I asked why they don’t ask the small accountants all these questions about home based business. The accountants service most of them. They had not thought about that at all? Why not? Why are the accountants being ignored?

The number of home-based businesses is going to grow, accountants are a vital part of the success equation of this trend. I feel accountants have to be more proactive in letting small business know, that they are more then the people who work out the tax for small business. Just saying it is not enough!

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