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Month February 2007

Winweb announces new pricing structure.

Thanks to the increased popularity and the number of users using Winweb's OnlineOffice, AccountsOffice and CashBook we are able to announce the price of our OnlineOffice subscription, single user, has been reduced to only £9.99 per month. For more details of the subscription pricing and our service offering view our pricing matrix. All current and…

Sage could learn from Winweb here

I’m on the phone on hold to Sage support at this very moment. A disembodied voice tells me that my call will be answered in "9 to 10 minutes".  That’s got to be better than the "more than 15 minutes" I got when I phoned at 12.15 – lunch break time. The question I need…

Big Words for Small Business

At the moment you may have guessed from a recent posting that Stefan is in Australia, ah lucky for some. In his recent post he commented on the Australian government departments lack of understanding about the home based business, and no doubt the smaller owner managed business all together. Interesting, Australia may be a long…

Road pricing policy

You may have all seen in the news recently the petition to have the Prime Minister scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy, and you may wonder why on a blog for small business I bring it up, well quite simply put, if this government gets its way then this will be yet…

All about accountants and small business.

By making AccountsVision part of WinWeb, we will accelerate the development of our small accounting practice vision, by helping accountants to manage their business and clients better and faster, leaving more time to help small business clients to stay in business.Following this acquisition, AccountsVision will resume total admin responsibility for our accounting partner relationships within a few weeks. We do not force any one to use both products, they will still exist as individual products, but will will try to make our joint accounting partners an offer they can not refuse, based on superior products, better service, very competitive pricing and real partnership.I would also like to announce the opening of our new development centre in India to further speed up new developments, localizations for new markets, and enhance our API activities.

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