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At the moment you may have guessed from a recent posting that Stefan is in Australia, ah lucky for some.

In his recent post he commented on the Australian government departments lack of understanding about the home based business, and no doubt the smaller owner managed business all together. Interesting, Australia may be a long way from the UK but their lack of understanding in this area is just the same I would say.

My reason for bring this up is a totally selfish one, I too have also been doing a bit of ‘touring’ down under, but in a virtual way rather than physical.

I am a contributor to the Big Words for Small Business website site. This website which only went live a week ago  is aimed at the small owner managed business, and this ‘type’ of enterprise is not only a UK or Australian phenomenon but a world wide one.

The idea of the site is that a panel of contributors from entrepreneurs, illustrator and cartoonist, business coaches and mentors and me the accountant/business advisor will each month for the next 26 months each write an article based on a letter of the alphabet, this months being A, obviously, these articles are meant to engage the readers in a way that makes them think about what they are doing in their business lives, and maybe even their personal lives.

Andrew Young who’s brain child this is described the purpose of the site better than I can, this is his vision, so I will let him tell you about it.

Remember when you opened your first picture alphabet book?

Remember the feeling of wonder, the discovery and the joy of this whole new world?

Books like these served to focus our attention on a single letter by using drawings and images, and then words associated with that letter.

They created a secret world that each of us could explore, uncover and learn from.

As we learnt more, and our brain developed further, we began learning bigger words, then creating sentences connecting words, which lead to stories, essays and for some, books.

One of the things we sometimes forget is that individual words can have great power, in their own right.

Words such as emotion, passion and possibility have all sorts of associations for us and they also tie into the word inspiration.

I’d like you to keep those two things in mind … the alphabet book and the power of a single word.

Now imagine an adult’s alphabet book

Ah … a dictionary or thesaurus?

No something more powerful and connecting than that.

It’s an alphabet book that is specifically targeted to small business owners.

It’s created by a group of profound thinkers who are acknowledged from its conception.

Unlike most books, this one will be created over a number of months, as the readers are provided with an ongoing and unique insight into the thoughts and ideas of that group, from around the world.

The articles contributed will each focus on a single word and the writers will show how this single word can have impact on the reader, the things they say and do, the way they run their business and the way they communicate and act.

The focus of this book is to be on … “how the simplicity of a single word has much more power than what immediately appears”

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