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Discovering Your Niche

As the virtual assistant industry grows and develops VAs are beginning to discover that they either have a passion for a particular area, or they need to find an area to get passionate about. Whilst many do run ‘generalised’ businesses and offer services to a wide range of clients, many are finding more satisfaction in…

Suitable or Eligible?

I was listening to someone speak recently about recruitment and how people who apply for jobs think they’re suitable for a role, but would the employer actually think they’re eligible? I had to think about that. ‘Suitable’, according to the Collins English Dictionary means ‘appropriate, proper’. ‘Eligible’, according to the same dictionary means ‘fit, worthy,…

Virtual Assistance Defined

Recently there's been a number of articles on news type websites and posts on blogs about what it takes to be a Virtual Assistant or what a Virtual Assistant actually is. If you believe the news type websites and all the advertising hype, it's anyone who has a computer, can type a little and has…

What can winweb do for you?

It struck me today what incredibly good value for money the winweb new pricing structure offers, don’t get me wrong it was well priced before, but now … For £119.88 per year for a single user licence you get a lot for your money, mind you always have, and that’s when I realised, you get…

Employment legislation headaches

In my posting ‘Barriers to growth’ I covered employment regulations being the second barrier to growth, second only to taxation. It’s true that many small businesses find it difficult, if not near impossible to comply with all the regulation that is placed on them when employing staff, and I dare say, most will fall foul…

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