Employment legislation headaches

In my posting ‘Barriers to growth’ I covered employment regulations being the second barrier to growth, second only to taxation.

It’s true that many small businesses find it difficult, if not near impossible to comply with all the regulation that is placed on them when employing staff, and I dare say, most will fall foul of some legislation along the way, not intentionally, but through the shear amount of legislation that comes with employing someone.

The cost of using a solicitor to draw up a contract of employment, or using an outsource company to deal with the ‘HR’ side of your business is probably not in your budget, but you need to ensure you get it right, but how?

Well the other day I came across Your e-Personnel, well I should say I came across the advert I cut out from one of the business magazines I read.

The idea of Your e-Personnel is that for a low price it will produce personalised contracts of employment, personalised offer, disciplinary and other letters. It also keeps full personnel records and much more, take a look at the site and see for yourself.

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