What can winweb do for you?

It struck me today what incredibly good value for money the winweb new pricing structure offers, don’t get me wrong it was well priced before, but now …

For £119.88 per year for a single user licence you get a lot for your money, mind you always have, and that’s when I realised, you get so much with winweb I am sure a lot of people out there don’t realise what it can do to help them with their business or how it can help them get their business up and running.

I know I am often told about features I didn’t know existed, so I thought over the coming weeks, and depending how much more I discover it can do, the coming months, I would look at winweb and how its business infrastructure can help you by looking at all it does.

I would welcome input from other users on features you have discovered that others may not know about, or if you are a user who is not getting the full benefit then let me know what you want covered, and lets see if together we can’t unlock the true potential of the winweb business infrastructure together.

One reason many small businesses fail is a lack of structure to their business, winweb is offering you that structure, it is  already packaged and priced at the ‘incredible’ value end of the market.

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