Suitable or Eligible?

I was listening to someone speak recently about recruitment and how people who apply for jobs think they’re suitable for a role, but would the employer actually think they’re eligible? I had to think about that. ‘Suitable’, according to the Collins English Dictionary means ‘appropriate, proper’. ‘Eligible’, according to the same dictionary means ‘fit, worthy, or qualified’.How often do we hear about someone who has decided to become a VA because they have a computer, internet connection and know how to type? (I have heard of some that couldn’t even type – just tap the keys). In this case they have the appropriate or proper equipment to operate a VA business. But, how fit, worthy and qualified are they?

It is true that there is much ‘on-the-job’ learning in becoming a VA but it is becoming considerably easier today because there are so many who have already trodden the path, and can help hold the hand of a newer VA. I don’t mean telling them what to do every step of the way, but I do mean that through the various VA forums and networks there are always willing members keen to give you pointers to help you in the right direction. And then there are a number of VA trainers and coaches today, and some institutions that have been established to give qualified training for this particular industry. Check out Essential Tools for VAs on the menu of this blog for a list of VA groups. And if you’re interested in training, shoot me an email for details.

So, if you’re planning to take this new journey, are you suitable or eligible for the VA role?
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