Discovering Your Niche

As the virtual assistant industry grows and develops VAs are beginning to discover that they either have a passion for a particular area, or they need to find an area to get passionate about. Whilst many do run ‘generalised’ businesses and offer services to a wide range of clients, many are finding more satisfaction in specialising in a particular service or industry type to provide a service to. My own interests have related to Association Management and servicing Public Speakers and Business Coaches.

Enter Beverley Neil who is an internationally accredited and certified resume writer. She has also been a winner and finalist in international awards for resume writing. Beverley has written a course designed to teach VAs how to become expert resume writers and who better than Beverley to teach you?

So, if you’re interested in exploring this niche area to expand your VA business, why not visit her site detailing the course at KMT

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