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Are You LinkedIn? (Networking Online)

Have you been approached to join LinkedIn yet? You most likely have, but like me, knew very little about it, joined and then nothing much happened, except for the occasional email from a stranger asking to connect with you. And so for a year I’ve just let my membership sit, with less than 50 contacts,…

“VAT… is a total nonsense”

I came across a gem in my husband’s Sunday paper, written by a businessman who had had a VAT inspection. Hunter Davies, writing in The Sunday Times, said that he found VAT "a total nonsense" because he has to spend a lot of time "collecting tax for the government", only to have to "give it…

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

I saw a post on a ‘Start a Home Business Blog’ recently that indicated engaging a virtual assistant was an expensive option. He ended up hiring someone else but didn’t explain what it was he wanted done or any indication of what he was looking to pay.It is true that there are VAs at the…

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