June 2007
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Day June 27, 2007

Reality TV moves to No. 10

I think this all is a cunning plan, lets face it - all these guys have ever done for small business is make sure that more and more people start their own business, in fear of having to work for one of them.... Years later I said during a talk I gave at a Business Start-Up Show in London that:Success is a staircase of mistakes and failures.Looking back on my three decades as a small business guy, who made it big during the .COM boom, I can only say I would not be here today if I had listened to the so called experts.

Globelization 3.0

The fact that many immigrants find it difficult to get into the job market combined with the above mentioned new found power creates businesses that are highly valuable for any economy - starting a business is often easier than finding a job.These businesses link markets, maybe on a micro scale, but put them all together and we are talking very serious turnover. Our immigrants are not leaving their connections and culture behind and they use these connections to run small businesses.To me this is another example how free markets can work on many levels.

New Small Business Blog – Small Biz Labs

Now here is a sentiment I do share:"As the digital infrastructure matures and becomes widespread, small businesses - traditionallly late adopters of technology - will need to aggresively use new technologies to create, build, and market their products and services.... - from Intuit Future of Small Business Report.This story was written on a new small business blog I have just subscribed to - Small Biz Labs - great blog.Wonder if these guys have every heard of our On-demand Small Business Infrastructure?

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