Do I? Should I? – OK then…..

One more time for the slow to understand, I am not only talking about many accountants in practice here, McKinsey Quaterly (registration required) noted:

….., almost every software category has either started to migrate or will migrate to software as a service over the next 3 years. McKinsey says this migration is even more pronounced for small and medium sized firms than large corporations.

This will hopefully not come as surprise to you, if it does, then you are in trouble.

If you are an accountant, then this is even more worrying, because your clients are in trouble too – they will lose out on competitiveness, because some accountants could not be bothered – this in turn will increase the mortality rate of small business start-up.

If you are a business owner, make sure you have a good long look at the people who advice you – there are some really good advisors/accountants out there, you just need to look and ask questions! If they only want to do your accounts (past) and not help you with your cash-flow forecast (future), then it’s time to leave.

DO NOT become one of the over 50% of business failures in the first 12 month after start-up. It is easy to survive – just get some good solid advice and plan your future.

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