Flexibility and Independence.

I have been arguing for a long time that many of my customers are not necessarily running their business to make more money. USAToday has a story about a survey done by the Discover’s Credit Card, here are some findings:

* 46% of owners started a small business to have more flexibility with their time or to be more independent. Just 19% cited making more money as their main reason.
* 61% would still choose independence over working for someone else -– even for more money than they make now.
* 64% of owners agree it’s riskier to run a business than to work for a large company.

Which is exactly the point, when we look at small business we should not assume they want to grow their business and why should they. What is wrong with making a few thousand a month and being happy with that. Why is that so difficult for people to understand.

Maybe if we focused more on these businesses, then on the guys who scream about VCs and loans before they even have a business idea, we could concentrate on getting this horrendous mortality rate among business start-ups down. That would do us all good in the long run.

I am very encouraged by these findings, it tells me that many people have realised we need to make choices, before they are made for us – good for them.

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