July 2007
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Day July 4, 2007

SMB Growth Linked to IT

Is the SMB looking at a piece meal option of selecting IT resources only to tackle immediate problems or is it looking at long term goals and needs?In an IDC conducted research for Cisco Systems it was discovered that IT planning can indeed facilitate the success of SMBs. A good small business infrastructure can improve business processes and also facilitate communication within the small business.An online office can go a long way in supporting the small business, for employers and employees can be in constant touch with the office even if they are away from it.A Forrester research on the same subject revealed that while some CEOs thought that IT provides small businesses a much needed edge over rivals, those who downplay the role of IT are bound to suffer in the long run.

Tackling Stress with Flexible Working Opportunities

The consequences of high levels of stress for long periods of time include insomnia, sickness, absenteeism, inattentiveness and the inability to meet targets on time.Research by Bibby Financial Services indicates that in the U.K. 99% of small business owners feel stressed most of the time.... Flexible working conditions can go a long way in ensuring that small businesses provide their employees adequate opportunities to find a balance in their life and work.Remote, mobile and flexible working conditions are an ideal way to motivate the employees and ensure that they are committed to their work.

Small Businesses in UK Turn to Mobile VoIP

The rapid advancements in science and technology are reshaping the manner in which work is done and it is no longer necessary for an employee to be physically present in office to make a productive contribution to the business.The number of UK firms using VoIP on their mobile phones is set to increase from 27% to an astonishing 70% in the next two years. This was revealed in a research study done by Coleman Parkes on behalf of Mformation Technologies.While employers do feel that they would need to understand how their mobile VoIP plans would work, they are sure that they would affect productivity positively.To be able to work without being restricted by place and time is something that motivates most employees.With mobile VoIP employees of small medium enterprises will be able to use business applications on their mobiles and would also be able to share files as they would if they were present in office together.It is thus not surprising that numerous small businesses are turning to On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure solutions so that they can concentrate on their core activity.

Flexibility in Small Businesses

In fact in a survey conducted by USA Today 46% of the small business owners who responded said they had started their business because of the independence and flexibility that it offered.Surprisingly the same survey revealed that 61% respondents were ready to take home less salary but were not willing to give up the flexibility that a small business offered.Surprisingly, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) found that only 17% of small businesses either closed down or were sold, while the rest continued to prosper and grow.An online office is a great advantage to a small business as it adds to the flexibility and independence it offers its owners and employees.... You could even keep flexible hours and work when you wanted to.It is no wonder that the Generation Y, baby boomers and a lot of women prefer small businesses over working for bigger corporations.

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