July 2007
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Day July 20, 2007

The Virtual Assistant Makes Life Easier

More and more entrepreneurs and businessmen are turning to hire virtual assistants who manage their professional affairs, from travel plans, technical writing to bookkeeping and translation.There are several reasons for this trend, firstly there are no overhead costs as you pay an hourly rate and don’t have to take care of medical and health insurance, etc. Next a virtual assistant is ideal for most businessmen who work while they are on the move and are constantly in touch with their office and clients through their online office.While the numbers are not very clear as virtual assistant associations such as International Virtual Assistants Association and other companies do not want to reveal the strength of their members.However a recent survey by Staffcentrix revealed some interesting statistics.... About 40% of the virtual assistants also had a full time or a part time job.Some of the services that virtual assistants offer include marketing and advertising, call centre support, database management, programming, systems management and academic writing.

Government to Encourage Eco-friendly Entrepreneurs

The wide spread affects of global warming and air, water and land pollution are showing dramatic consequences all across the world. There are many businesses and organizations who are trying to take an innovative and creative approach to develop products and services to combat the excessive use of carbon and non-renewable sources of energy. However…

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