Government to Encourage Eco-friendly Entrepreneurs

The wide spread affects of global warming and air, water and land pollution are showing dramatic consequences all across the world. There are many businesses and organizations who are trying to take an innovative and creative approach to develop products and services to combat the excessive use of carbon and non-renewable sources of energy.

However the National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts (NESTA) says that if these entrepreneurs are to be successful the U.K. government to has to take steps to encourage and facilitate the way to sustainable development.

In a recent report NESTA stated that without government support and awareness most of these creative entrepreneurs face many barriers, the most dangerous being red tape. It wants the government to encourage local authorities to involve the public sector, communities, businesses and households in the reduction of carbon use.

NESTA is creating a £1m prize for its Environment Challenge project to encourage innovative entrepreneurs to find ways to reduce carbon use in the communities and in businesses.

The need for eco-friendly businesses and industrial practices is a very real and crucial one, which needs to be taken seriously by the government and the people.

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