July 2007
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Day July 22, 2007

Small Businesses and Virtual Offices

Virtual offices provide small business owners and home business owners an opportunity to hire a professional office address and reception services without actually renting the physical work space. Virtual offices are an asset to entrepreneurs who work out of their home and have no official or registered work space. A virtual office in essence handles…

Importance of Bookkeeping for Mumpreneurs

Like a lot of mums across the world you have decided to start your own venture and it is exciting and fun. But a business, whether it is small or big, requires to take into consideration certain basic business processes such as bookkeeping and accounting. If you thought that since you worked from home and…

Start-Up Costs

An increasing number of people are starting their own small businesses because of three very important reasons. Firstly these entrepreneurs are thrilled to be working for themselves and not having to report to a boss, secondly the start up gives them the opportunity to build a business based on passion and dedication and thirdly they…

Small Businesses Think Green

People across the world are joining hands to create a more eco-friendly style of living and working, one that will promote sustainable development. Businesses need to look for eco-friendly alternatives whenever they can, and this is not restricted to large businesses only. SMBs are recognising the need for eco-friendly work solutions that not only promote…

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