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Day July 24, 2007

Free Wife ….

More and more people are putting their path into business on the web.This story is even better, Graham (Husband) is building a business so his wife can quite her hated job.... $1,000 will make it possible for her to quit her job and start working somewhere part time doing something she enjoys, and it will give her plenty of time to take her dance classes she loves so much, and still have some energy for me!"Here is something to be learned from someone who is doing it for real.

Darwinian Business Evolution

I just found a nice post on OnStartUps.com and it talk about how to start a business - in this case a software business - but it is absolutely relevant for any start-up.I especially like the bit about bootstrapping. You should have a look, it is nice to see how more and more people begin to build a business before they actually spend any money.

MBA by Blog.

Here is new website I like the idea of, MBA by Blog. You do NOT get an MBA, but what you will get is some useful links to some stuff you may need from time to time.Maybe you run a small business, especially VAs, etc. they should write some information and have it listed there - it could turn out not only a great information tool, but also a great marketing tool.Check it out!

Surveys and SMBs

Surveys are unique statistical and analytical tools that can help a business discover a developing trend or attitude amongst its customers and also provide insight into the manner in which its target audience thinks. Sadly surveys are usually confined to larger companies and SMBs seem to lose out on crucial information that surveys can provide…

SaaS Becoming the Preferred Choice

Saas or Software as a service is fast becoming the choice of large corporations as well as of smaller and medium enterprises. In a McKinsey survey of North American companies it was revealed that a dramatic 61% of companies with a turnover of $1 billion plan to adopt SaaS this year as compared to the…

Small Businesses Turning Away Work

Potential clients translate into more revenue and profits for the small business. So then why are many SMBs turning away work? A recent research study found that almost half of SMBs have turned down work at some point or the other. Some of the most common reasons that the survey found for this trend was…

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