Free Wife ….

…. or my Journey to $1’000 a Month Online. More and more people are putting their path into business on the web.

This story is even better, Graham (Husband) is building a business so his wife can quit her hated job. This is one of the greatest stories I have read in quite some time.

” …and I, being the good husband that I am, want to get her out of it. $1,000 will make it possible for her to quit her job and start working somewhere part time doing something she enjoys, and it will give her plenty of time to take her dance classes she loves so much, ….”

Here is something to be learned from someone who is doing it for real. If you have stories like this I would like to hear from you. I wish Graham all the best with this and will follow his progress with interest.

He then writes about his wife: “….and still have some energy for me!”

That is a very strong incentive, I think he can do it. 😉

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