Small Businesses Turning Away Work

Potential clients translate into more revenue and profits for the small business. So then why are many SMBs turning away work? A recent research study found that almost half of SMBs have turned down work at some point or the other.

Some of the most common reasons that the survey found for this trend was that the business did not have the required expertise. In fact 30% of the respondents stated this as the main reason for refusing potential clients. 13% also reported that they did not have enough time to cater to potential business.

Some of the best ways to handle resources effectively to pave the path to growth and success includes investment in on-demand small business infrastructure that helps business owners focus on their core business activity and takes care of essential business processes such as bookkeeping and accounting.

SMBs should also consider outsourcing as a good way to reduce the time they need to put into certain processes such as customer support, accounting, etc. Having an online office also increases the efficiency of the business and allows employers and employees access to their office and clients, even if they are away from their desk.

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