July 2007
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Day July 26, 2007

Aid for small business revamped or canceled?

It feels like Arctic winter.The insults to small business carry on and on in this piece and I am left with a few questions: What is wrong with wanting to stay a small business and have some life balance?Why don't they do the things we all pay them for, to make our lives easier, for instance by reducing red tape?Why are politicians, who do not know the first thing about running a business, always try to tell us, the business community, what we should do?But it is not all bad news he want to hear from us, he asked us:WHAT SHOULD THE MINISTER DO? Write to him at the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, 1 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ET or e-mail him direct at mpst.timms@berr.gsi.gov.uk.Here is an idea, maybe one could stop changing names so often, it would save money i.e waste less of our tax-payers money, be good for the environment, get people less confused and could - although I'm not sure about this one - increase productivity in these departments, maybe?Why not write to him, I will?

Turn a Hobby into a Home Business

An interest or hobby can be developed into a home business after you have done the required research to decide if your favorite activity can actually bring in profits. Is candle making what impassions you? Then how about considering it as a home business? The National Candle Association of the U.S. states that the profession…

Rise of SOHO

It is interesting to note that the concept of a SOHO is not a new one but actually has been in existence since before the 19th Century. It is after the industrial revolution that larger industries and corporations came up in order to lower overhead costs. However the mid 1990s saw several dramatic changes in…

Incentives for Small Businesses to Turn Green

The threat to our natural habitat due to global warming is a dramatic and urgent one that requires effort on the part of all organizations, big and small. And to provide SMEs an incentive to move towards this direction Shell Springboard is offering awards amounting up to £40,000. In a research study undertaken by the…

Data Protection Necessary for SMEs

In a recent research study by Enterprise Storage Group (ESG) it was reported that as many as 52% respondents felt that their current data protection had scope for improvement and their back up and recovery systems were lacking. Interestingly data loss is one of the main reasons that SMEs need to seriously consider data protection.…

Entrepreneurs Slow to Turn Business Ideas into Practice

The start point of any great venture is a terrific business idea, but when that business idea is not worked upon and turned into a concrete business plan and implemented, it often dies a silent death. A research study by NatWest indicates that 17 million people in the U.K. were sitting on their business idea…

A Financial Break for Business Start-ups

Most potential business owners are known to shy away from actually starting their own venture simply because they are unsure about how get funding. The lack of capital is the most common reason that a business start up doesn’t work and closes down soon after it began. A research study taken on by NatWest cites…

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