Businesses Benefit From Switching Off Computers

Across the country thousands of people leave their office computers on overnight, simply to save time opening them in the morning. What may be a choice of convenience is actually costing the company and the environment dearly.

According to a report by software solution provider 1E, market research firm Harris Interactive and Alliance to Save Energy, 104 million employed people work on computers everyday and a shocking 60% or 62.4 million do not shut their computers when they leave for the day.

By simply choosing to switch of their computers at night a company can reduce its energy costs by almost 50%, this percentage translates into close to $165,000 savings for a medium size company and close to millions for a larger corporation. This is money that can be utilized for more productive reasons and can well be controlled simply by adopting a policy to turn off computers at the end of the work day.

Every year we pump 14.4 million tons of CO₂ into the environment only due to the computers that are on at night, even if they are in hibernation mode. It is important for companies of all sizes, big and small, to start paying attention to green IT and to the risks of global warming. Shutting off your computers at night can go a long way in saving company funds and protecting the earth.

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