Management of Mobile Workers

Mobile working is a trend that is emerging in all sectors of the market and is here to stay. It provides employees flexible working conditions that empower them and is also beneficial to the business.
Mobile working ensures that the business doesn’t have to worry about office space for the mobile workers but this however does not mean that the business owner is not responsible for ensuring that the employees are provided the same connectivity as the office bound employees.

A recent report of a study undertaken by CISCO underlines the need for good management when it comes to mobile workers. It is essential to keep communication optimum as both over and under-communication lead to problems. While under communication may make the employees feel isolated and unclear of work goals, over communication may lead to undermining the trust of mobile workers.

Stuart Duff, the author of the report is also an occupational psychologist at Pearn Kandola, says “As the mobile working phenomenon continues to grow, organizations must ensure that they have suitable leadership in place to manage teams of mobile workers.”

The recruitment of mobile workers is of utmost importance and business owners need to look for self motivated, confident, determined and independent workers. They also need to ensure that the mobile workers are given their due attention and acknowledgement in the business. An online office goes a long way in ensuring that mobile workers are in touch with the office and feel a part of it.

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