A Degree Not Essential for Business Success

What is it that makes a business a success? Too often people believe that it is the education or the degree that one holds that is the key to business success. A recent research done by  YouGov for Barclays Local Business Banking has something different to report.
According to the survey only a tenth of the respondents believe that a good education is essential to be successful in business. In fact only 43% of the respondents had a degree.
This may be due to various reasons, the most important being that a college degree brings along with it student loans that need years to be paid off and many young people prefer to skip the college experience and want to get more experience in the ‘real’ world.

“This survey really does suggest that entrepreneurialism is a quality born to people, rather than taught,” says John Davis, the marketing director for Barclays Local Business.

In a more region specific view of the subject it was found that less than half of the business owners in the South West had degrees, while in the North East it was 36%. On the other hand in London 57% of entrepreneurs held a degree.

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