Online Offices- An Asset to Businesses

A 2004 report indicated that in Europe U.K. workers spent the most amount of time commuting to work. The Samsung survey covered working people from across Europe and found that the British spent as many as seven hours commuting every week. That means they traveled from home to work and back, for the length of an entire working day!

Of the respondents 88% said that working from home was an excellent option towards  improving employee morale and performance. It is thus not surprising that over last few years there is a healthy trend of flexible working that has caught on. This allows people to work from home and reduces travel time and related stress. It also lets the business benefit from their happy and dedicated efforts.

Technology has also kept pace with this emerging trend and remote working and mobile working is becoming a common work practice. An online office is an excellent way to connect employees to their office and keep everyone at pace. It allows business owners to stay in touch with their office even when they are away from it and also on the move.

On-demand small business infrastructure at least allows small business to be more environmentally friendly, save time and money by not traveling. Most of all your business will become more productive.

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