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Day August 8, 2007

Private Equity and Small Business

BCC director general David Frost says, "While the BCC recognizes the advantages private equity managers can take of capital gains taper relief to pay lower rates of tax, we worry that any knee jerk changes could have serious implications for the entrepreneurial culture embedded within our membership."... TUC general secretary Brendan Barber says, it wants the Treasury to review the tax paid by private equity investors, and calls into question the ease with which the super-rich can claim non-domiciled tax status.The government policy with regard to Private Equity will have a deep impact on the manner in which business start-ups work and SMBs need to pay keen attention to it.

Sold in 10 Years.

In an interesting study it is reported that medium to large business owners are likely to sell their business within the next decade, reports the Grant Thornton's International Business Report (IBR). The survey included 7,200 medium to large business owners from across the globe and found that 28% of the businesses are expected to change hands in the next decade.53% of U.K. owners expect to sell in the next 3-5 years while 18% are considering it to happen in the next two years.

Governments to help SOHO/SMB to Go Green

Not only do small businesses, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer businesses, contribute greatly to the economic growth of the country, but also to the energy utilized in the country and hence it is important that the government take into account the needs of SMBs when formulating carbon footprint reduction policies.... It is a good idea for small or personal business, like contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants to invest in business infrastructure that would streamline business processes such as financial management and allow business owners to focus on core processes and find ways to reduce the energy consumption in the office.

SOHO/SMB Unaware Of Security Risks

While the internet has made life much easier for all of us, especially in terms of communication it has also made businesses vulnerable to hackers and viruses.Surprisingly a large percentage of small business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer businesses, believe that they are secure and unaffected by IT risks.... Companies need to put in place business infrastructure that would make it easy for employees to share files and communicate and an online office is an excellent step in this direction at the same time the provider of this online infrastructure should also provide all necessary security arrangements, leaving the business owner just to worry about the local workstations.

Smart Business Start-Up

Many politicians will have you believe that the current up-rise in personal and small business activity is due to their policies, that is b*** s****, it is due to the greatest platform for entrepreneurial activity the internet and related technologies.Anyone between the ages of 13 (apparently) and 81 (?) can be a first time entrepreneur, and best of all - thanks to the technology available - it: Does not need a lot of capital: bootstrapping and outsourcing techniques allow you to start your business on the side at less than what you spend on a meal out.Only need very little business experience: we live in a time when business processes are rewritten, and much happens online, information, advice and tools are available for free, communities help you to build online networks and make starting easy.So if you ever had a dream or goal in business, now is the time to start, some people make their hobby into a business, others their DIY skills and some even start social businesses for giving someone else a helping hand - the reasons and opportunities are truly limitless.What business would you like to start today?

Small Office Administration 101

Pamela Slim has a nice post "Start smart: 5 quick ways to set up business processes on the fly" - I can recommend you reading it:"..You will find that in the start-up phase of business, many of the vendors, government agencies, potential customers, media contacts and partners want the same kind of information about you and your company. So instead of digging through file folders and your "sent" email, here are five suggestions for setting up quick and dirty business processes and organizing your information for easy access:...."Being organized from day one will save you a lot of time and help you to stay focused on your business - not your office.That is the reason I came up with the On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure - so you can stay focused on your business goals and not lose your time, money and energy on some administrative function.

What The Hell, Let’s Do It.

I always try to get the best talent I can find.Outsource, outsource,....: Keep your overheads (fixed cost) as low as possible and your cash-flow up, that is the way to survive with your business.Plan your cash-flow: Anyone who does not know what his/her bank-balance is at the end of next month has a BIG problem - they don't know what they are doing and where they are - that can easily be fatal.Take risks, don't gamble: There is a big difference between taking a risk and gambling, if you don't know it find out, NOW - prepare well, then let's do it..There are NO rules: Learn from others, but don't let them tell you how to run your business - there is NO "insider" plan for becoming successful - you will have to find your way yourself, believe in yourself.... To be successful also means to have a life and fun - live life to the full.Stay true to yourself: Be bold, try to say yes, learn to say no, chase your dreams, have fun work hard and you will find success - sometimes in the most unlikely places.Apart from that I always try to do no harm and help if I can, but most of all I try to challenge myself every day to be better than the day before.Me writing this list was inspired by Ben Yoskovitz.

Virtual Business, what is that?

Books and co-author of our newest book on Excel VBA.Suat Ozgur is a full time Excel, Access, VB and php developer in Istanbul.Anne Troy is author of a book on Microsoft Word that we are publishing this fall.Barb Jelen works in Tucson and processes all of the orders placed through the MrExcel store.Scott Pierson does all of our flash design from Philadelphia.Mala Singh runs the MrExcel Graphics & Engineering Division in India.Richard Kranesis in Chicago runs the MrExcel-branded training around the country, offering on-site Advanced Excel to companies.We have a number of part time programmers who moonlight while still working at their day job. Lest their bosses find out, let’s thank Al, Angelita, Anhtuan, Audrey, Brian, Colo, Cory, Cort, David, Dawn, Duane, Harry, Ian, Ivan, James, Jake, Jay, Juan Pablo, Marcel, Marie, Mark, Mark, Nate, Nick, Richie, Robert, Russell, Scott, Skip, Suat, Tom, Tom, Tracy, Wendy, and Zack for their expertise in various Office products.There are 3 dozen incredible volunteer MVP's and 100's of Excel Gurus who answer questions tirelessly at the message board.

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