Small Office Administration 101

Pamela Slim has a nice post “Start smart: 5 quick ways to set up business processes on the fly” – I can recommend you reading it:

“..You will find that in the start-up phase of business, many of the vendors, government agencies, potential customers, media contacts and partners want the same kind of information about you and your company. So instead of digging through file folders and your “sent” email, here are five suggestions for setting up quick and dirty business processes and organizing your information for easy access:….”

Being organized from day one will save you a lot of time and help you to stay focused on your business – not your office.

That is the reason I came up with the On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure – so you can stay focused on your business goals and not lose your time, money and energy on some administrative function. If you can not automate it – outsource it, to someone who makes a business out of it – like a Virtual Assistant.

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