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Day August 17, 2007

Small Business & Skype Checklist: Handling Customer Care

Here are some pointers: Deal with the problem - customers who know that their problems are taken care of are likely to be more satisfied with the service and will be happy customers for the future.Be sympathetic - some customers could suffer a great deal of inconvenience and stress, as a result of the problems, you need to address these issues head on.Appoint an incident communicator - for constant and timely updates on the progress of resolving the issues.Keep to deadline - if you set deadlines by which the problems will be solved, make sure you keep to them, otherwise you will loose trust and goodwill.Build Trust - if the problem takes longer to resolve, propose smaller steps to resolve the issue any lost trust by your customers will return step by step.Don't create a vacuum - by not communicating with your customers. Otherwise you will learn they can talk your problem up and up, creating another problem.Train staff - make sure you have trained staff to handle your customers complaints and problems.Build understanding - by openly discussing your problems with your clients so they know what to expect.People - avoid putting the wrong people on the helpline.Resources - make sure your customer care department has adequate resources.Have a look at my earlier post on "How not to do it!"

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