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Q & A: How can I build consensus in my small business team?

His answer was to make things happen more smoothly in his business and with less stress.The truth is there is no need for consensus on each issue, what is really important is that things get done and someone has to make a decision how and when they get done - to put it bluntly - consensus is a nice thing to have, but not necessary.... At the end of the day though I make the decisions - the bug stops with me - or in this case you.My team and I have an understanding, I will listen to all their concerns and suggestions, and my team accepts that in the end it is my decisions.Running a company, however small or big, is about leadership, not consensus.

10 minute power meeting technique.

Don't waste your valuable 9 to 5 business time like that.Look at you calendar and write next to each meeting how long it should take and stick too it.While it is important to socialize, you have to make sure your tasks get done on time, so calling a meeting for ten minutes to just discuss the issue at hand will instill a sense of urgency and focus into the participants of the meeting.... Let me say it with the words of the British chairman of Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd. Arthur Bryan, who had this advice for any small business:The key is not to spend time, but using it.Remember this is a rule for internal meetings, for meetings with customers this rule does not apply - within reason of cause.

Do you have a 10 seconds marketing speech for your small business?

But too often I walk away and I'm still wondering what it is my new contact does, that is not good.So here is something I think you should do, get a piece of paper - or even better use my comment form below - and create a little 10 - 15 second marketing and PR speech for your small business products and service. Here is what I tell people who ask - and some who don't ask actually:WinWeb provides an on-demand online small business infrastructure, including an OnlineOffice and LiveNet, a social networking community and online marketplace for small business and business startups in the US, Europe and Australia.Every meeting is a opportunity for you and your business, so don not let it pass.

Skype + 3 = 3 Skypephone, but is it for small business?

SkypeOut will not be available anytime soon.Things got a little heated when Mr. van Swaaij, was asked about possible future outages, he said "This was not really an issue since the last outage was only 24 hours in four years and the service was free and not a replacement for a normal telephone!"... The 3 Network will hope that they will not react soon, to give them more time to get a bigger market share, but time will tell.I believe the appeal for endusers - especially the facebook generation - will be huge, free calls to friends and family via Skype has got to be a winner.But more importantly for me - with my focus on small business and Skype's apparent customer support issues - the 3 Skypephone has some growing up to do before I will consider it a small business tool.

Marketing for Small Business: Do Pro-Bono work.

I believe it can be better resources or money spend, than doing google ads, it is a good bootstrapping technique - and a win-win situation for you and the sponsored organisation.For example, the College StartUp blog has an article today about "5 ways to get “paid” for pro bono work", they talk about the marketing benefits you may gain by doing good. Every small business or start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professional, contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants has something to give, which could make a difference.

Observations on Life

Anja Merret is hosting the "Blog Carnival of Observations on Life" and it seems to me some of the articles in there are really good, so go and have a look and see what takes your fancy. Don't bother clicking on my entry, if you have been reading my blog, you will not have missed this entry.

Q & A: Why is it a problem if I do not want to grow my business?

Sometimes it sound like it is important to grow your business, along the lines of if your business does not grow, it is going backward.To tell you the truth most people talk about growing their business to attract fundingThat is total rubbish, if you achieve your objectives, whatever they are, why would you want to grow your business?... ST.Disclaimer: As with any of my readers questions, I do not have all the answers and here on my blog I can only give you some ideas, since I know very little about your small business.

Q & A: What protection does a limited liability company offer to small business owners?

Sooner or later you will think about doing a little more business, protecting yourself more, and that will bring you to the question of changing business and trading environment All small business, micro business, sole traders, freelancers and home businesses can be run in the form of limited liability companies.A limited liability company - LLC in the US, Ltd. in the UK - is a legal entity, like a different person, so you, the business owner is not direct liable for any debt. The company is to be conducted by laws governing limited liability companies, and providing you do, your company has "limited" liability.The protection a limited company offers is that when the business fails, and you have to close it down, the company is only liable with it's assets, i.e any positive bank balance, inventory and other assets.What does a limited company not protect you from?

Home Based Small Business the Ultimate Green Gig

As you may remember I was part of the Blog Action Day for our Environment and I keep on finding great little posts about eco-friendly issues relating to small business, including home business - my personal favorite. Tony Clark writes a blog about working from home from his home-nest called "Success from the Nest" and has tips how to save energy in your home based business:"As a home-base entrepreneur, you have the unique opportunity to have a small impact on the environment, all while having a big impact on the world.Just another good reason to give it a go…"I think he is right, and remember all the green/eco-friendly benefits of working online for the environment and also for yourself.

Ready To Retire Right Now? Find Out If It’s Time To Quit The Rat Race

Does your work-life balance "s***"?Well here is a great article I think you should read, and don't forget the comments to this post on the The Digerati Life blog: "I thought I’d try retiring at 50, but I’m now actually aiming to do it in my forties......... I was happy enough that I didn’t want things to change, satisfied as I was with how my job and boss were treating me."You will find a checklist attached to the article, so you can check if you are ready to let go, improve your work-life balance, and have a more full-filling life.This is just what you need to read monday morning when you are in a dead end job - don't you love my blog?

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