Disaster Planning for Small Business

Whilst writing the Small Business Quotation: Crisis I started thinking about the crises I have had in my business life and it it occurred to me that crises are not only unavoidable, but sometimes good for small business.

Sometimes Plan B is better than Plan A.

The question I asked myself was, why did I have these crises? For those that I can remember it is true to say “Something was not right with the way we did business, developed our product”, but once you got through it we had usually improved things.

Let me use the recent Skype outage as an example. I think everyone would agree that the recent outage was a major crisis for Skype. They had a software problem in their code, they had not know about. So after the problem was fixed Skype’s service today is better then it was before the crisis.

It really is that simple sometimes, crises are another form of progress if you learn to accept that crises are part of our everyday life, be it in business or in our private lives. It is needless to say that not all crises fall in this category, losing a loved one, having an accident, falling ill are quite different and as such also part of our lives, but they never improve things, ever.

I think we need to understand that things will go wrong, before they actually go wrong – remember Murphy’s Law – so assume the worst and do your best.

The lesson we can learn here is also one about staying focused, stick to the simple stuff, less will go wrong and you will have to deal with less crises. For the stuff you have to do, ask yourself if you can prevent it, plan for it, make it tolerable or influence any possible crisis. It is a form of disaster planning, for the everyday crises that happen in business.

You know “Business is Progress, Progress is Life and Life’s a Mess!” ST.

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