Cynicism rules, tell them what’s in it for you.

As my readers will know we launched our new OnlineOffice with LiveNet a few day ago. LiveNet is in beta and I would like to get as many virtual assistants to sign up to it as soon as possible. The reason being that my small business clients should outsource as much as possible to make their businesses more efficient or recession proof. So we have a massive need for VAs on our LiveNet.

Signing up and offering your services if free of charge forever – no strings attached.

So I posted a question on LinkedIn yesterday, to see if I could get in touch with people who use VA’s and can recommend their VA. Reason being, if people recommend someone it is kind of a reference and that can only be good for my clients.

Message number four read like this:

He’s not looking for help he’s trying to sell his software

At first I was quite angry, how could she say that? She had obviously not read my website and had made a snap decision to “flame” me.

But then I checked and realised we could have made the “free”-bit a little more obvious, and I had not explained myself in my question well enough, so there are a few lessons to be learned here:

  • Tell people what is in it for you, because if they don’t understand where you are coming from, otherwise cynicism rules.
  • Don’t expect people to read your web site as they may not – make your offers clear.

There is a great book about web-design by Steve Krug, about the common sense approach to web usability called “Don’t make me think“. It is a great read and I’ll have to look at it again, I guess. ST.

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