Blog Action Day For Our Environment: WinWeb Pledge

In August I signed up for the Blog Action Day for our Environment, and today is the day. So I’ll be posting some articles about the environment. First up, what WinWeb will do to minimise the effects of small business on the environment.

In June of this year, I decided to think about ways to make our own company carbon neutral. I started discussing the concept in my company and we developed what we call ClimateByte Technology by WinWeb.

We were determent to take our vision, of becoming carbon neutral, to our clients and get them involved. So in August after signing up to this blog action day, we made the following pledge:

WinWeb pledges to plant one tree every year for each paying customer that signs up to our subscription service via the WinWeb website and remains a customer for longer than one year – this will reduce your carbon footprint and make your home-office or office workstation more than carbon neutral. We make this pledge initially up to the end of 2008. Each tree will reduce your carbon footprint by about 730kg CO2 – and that is just the start of it!

This is only one of ten ways by which we help small business to become carbon neutral and more eco-friendly, you can read the other nine points here.

We realise that the success of saving our environment for us and our children, starts with the choices we make everyday, however small. ST.

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