The World Without US

I would like to recommend a book to you on this Blog Action Day For Our Environment. The book:

The World Without Us written by Alan Weisman (ISBN 978-1-905264-03-2).

It is not immediately obvious that this book is about our climate, it offers a fascinating glimpse of what would happen to the earth if humans vanished today, forever. Most importantly, would our planet ever fully recover? Bill McKibben, author of the End of Nature called it:

“… This is one of the grandest thought experiments of our time, …..”

He is right, I understand now that to really heal the wounds, we as humans have inflicted on this planet, we must cut our world population in half. This is a stark reality to open your eyes to, but it is a also the only way. We have the choice to do it ourselves or have our plant do it for us, in a very unpleasant way.

We can reduce our impact immediately, and we can heal our planet in the next 100 year. ST.

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