Dragons: “Mr. Darling we’re out!”

Just to have another dig at the UK government, I refer to an article on accounting web. They repot that the Dragons ( I guess out of their den) join the CGT – capital gains tax backlash – they must have told Mr. Darling that they are out.

WOW, now that really changes things, I’m sure Mr. Darling is really shaking in his boots now. Any moment now, Mr. Darling is going to change his mind, not because the whole business community is busting his chops, no the Dragons will have done it.

This kind of obvious opportunism is incredible, why accounting web feels we need to know is, is beyond me. It always amuses me to see these guys sitting with their money in their chairs, behaving in the most ill-mannered way possible, while displaying an arrogance that is breathtaking. The only thing you can learn on that program is why you do not want a partner in your business.

Does anyone know what happened to all the “lucky” ones, who got funded by these small business geniuses, I would really like to know?

You will not be surprised to learn that this post will be filed under “Balderdash“! ST.

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