How to start a Virtual Assistant Business?

Ask Shama, she got a great post out to answer this question, here she sets out what you need:

“….What do you need? Characteristics wise, most clients ask for virtual assistants who are sharp, can take initiative, and who will help further the client’s business. If this sounds like you, you may find your business booming before you know it. You also need a good working computer, an internet, fax, and phone connection, and lots of folders to keep you organized. Remember to back up your files often. Careless errors in your first years in business can cost you.”

There is more, so have a look. I would add, to use online technology, with all it’s benefits for you, it also makes it much easier to become an integral part of the clients team.

She also talks about marketing, there are many places you can find contacts and network, like LinkedIn, LiveNet, and others. ST.

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