New Small Business Idea: Local Fast Food Portal

You do not have to be the next craigslist, to be successful as an online portal. Just start out with a simple service and then develop your business further.

For example, you could start a simple website and put fast food restaurants and their complete menu online, to generate online orders for them, some places do it themselves, most small ones don’t.

Charge for the privilege a fixed fee per month and then advertise your site locally:

  • talk to the local newspaper, they are always looking for stories,
  • drop leaflets in neighborhoods,
  • blog about it on the internet with a strong local focus.

Then see where the road leads you, here are two ideas:

  • you could develop your online portal more for other services and become portal for events, jobs, accountants and so on;
  • you could deliver the fast food for restaurants who do take away, but do not deliver.

I guess you can see what I’m driving at. One other benefit here is you can start this on the side, while you still keep your job, until you can afford to do this full time.

Remember to plan your venture from day one, start making money first, bootstrap and enjoy the ride. Total cost to set something like this up, maybe $50/£25 per month. ST.

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