November 2007
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Day November 7, 2007

Small Business Advertising and Marketing a Black Art?

It is not a black art, you need to be clear about it's purpose:Advertising is about getting a response, nothing more and nothing less.So when you think about advertising start in a way that does not cost any money, talk to people, work online in forums, this will help you to get your message right.... You will not be surprised to hear that I prefer the internet and it's many way of telling people about yourself and your small business: Your Website with a little search engine optimization.Start a blog, a great way to get people to hear about you.Use RSS feeds to distribute your news.Use online PR tools to tell more people about your business.Best of all, these tools are all free to use once you set them up, which should not cost you more then $20/£10 a month maximum.

Boomer Small Business Start-Ups on the rise.

Figures released indicate that the average ’silver startup’ will work alone and from home with an average annual turnover of £67,500, and with one in ten turning over more than £100,000.... We all get older and have a much healthier life in older age, so why not do something you enjoy and make a business out of it.I agree with him, with added business support and a small business infrastructure, we could help many more entrepreneurs to be more successful in business long term. As I said so often before, this startup boom is just getting started, we will see much more in years to come, across all age groups.

Q & A: How can I grow my business.

This is not unusual for many small businesses and start-ups, a home business is an ideal way to run your own business.Getting back to her question, there are really four answers: Increase the number of customers - this in turn will increase the your turnover, yielding the extra business you want, while at the same time make your business more recession proof;Increase the order frequency from your existing customers - this could be more difficult, you need to find out if you can replace someone else as supplier, or diversify your offering;Increase the average order value - same as before, offer higher quality or premium service.Increase your own efficiency - outsource more if you can, cut costs this will not grow your turnover, but increase your bottom line, so you can take more money out of the business for yourself.Once you start thinking about these options you will find out what you can do, often it is a combination of things to do.... ST.Disclaimer: As with any of my readers questions, I do not have all the answers and here on my blog I can only give you some ideas, since I know very little about your small business.

Apple – a customer support nightmare!

I was promised an answer, but never got one.So I went ahead and did that, I ordered my new laptop with the new Mac OS 10.5 installed, and agreed to pay the extra for the keyboard.When the order arrived last Friday all hell broke loose: I was send a computer with OS 10.4 installed not OS 10.5.I received an extra box and had to install OS 10.5 myself.Then I discovered I had been charged extra for the Mac OS 10.5, I had to pay for one old and one new operating system.Next I discovered a new spec computer had been launched and I had been send the old one.I used the migration assistant to move all files across to my new computer and at first all seemed fine.I then gave my old computer to someone else and reformatted it.You guessed it, as soon as I had done that my new computer started having problems, no calendar or address book data anymore,then my email started going and so on - I rebooted and that was that - I could no longer log in.I called tech support and after waiting for about 20 to 25 minutes, I was told the FileVault is the problem a "known" issue.... That was not possible - so I said I would order a new computer, pay for it again and when I received the new one, I would send the old one back and get a refund.At this point Nicole (after-sales support) took pity on me and said she would get an supervisor to call, he/she could get me a computer before I had to send the old one back.You guessed it the supervisor did not call, so I called again after 20 minutes waiting time I was told to wait my turn.

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