Boomer Small Business Start-Ups on the rise.

Jason had an article about the fact that over 60% of business start-up activity comes from people aged over 50:

“….. Figures released indicate that the average ’silver startup’ will work alone and from home with an average annual turnover of £67,500, and with one in ten turning over more than £100,000. Not bad for a home based business, but imagine what you could do with business support? …”

He calls them “silver startups”, I had never heard this term before, the term I know is “Boomer Startups” – whatever it is, it is good news. We all get older and have a much healthier life in older age, so why not do something you enjoy and make a business out of it.

I agree with him, with added business support and a small business infrastructure, we could help many more entrepreneurs to be more successful in business long term.

As I said so often before, this startup boom is just getting started, we will see much more in years to come, across all age groups. ST.

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