Small Business Advertising and Marketing a Black Art?

It is not a black art, you need to be clear about it’s purpose:

Advertising is about getting a response, nothing more and nothing less.

So when you think about advertising start in a way that does not cost any money, talk to people, work online in forums, this will help you to get your message right. Once you have done that you can start to think about putting money into your advertising. Always ask yourself:

  • How effective is my advertising?
  • Is there a better way to advertise?

Like with so many other things, you need to fine tune your messaging and your advertising campaign. You will not be surprised to hear that I prefer the internet and it’s many way of telling people about yourself and your small business:

  • Your Website with a little search engine optimization.
  • Start a blog, a great way to get people to hear about you.
  • Use RSS feeds to distribute your news.
  • Use online PR tools to tell more people about your business.

Best of all, these tools are all free to use once you set them up, which should not cost you more then $20/£10 a month maximum. Traditional advertising is often very ineffective, since it is not very targeted.

Ask yourself this, would you know about me or WinWeb without my blog or our website? Probably not. ST.

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