November 2007
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Day November 10, 2007

Apple – the customer support nightmare – Part II: The Criminal Investigation

As my readers will know I wrote a post last week about my customer support nightmare with Apple after sales support, not my Apple Store or Apple technical support, only the after sales support - this is the second part of this incredible story of bad customer care by Apple.There are still two issues outstanding:Firstly, my order for a new 17" MacBook Pro and the related problems of getting a new one, so I can get back to work properly.... Order a Mac Os X 10.5 Server and you have to start a criminal investigation to clear this mess up, because the Apple after sales support people couldn't care less - the fact that I need my server license did not enter the conversation one time.One point I would like to make, both police officers I spoke to told me to "never - ever" send a copy of your passport or driver's license to anyone, and that they have no right to ask you to do that.So this whole episode is getting more and more upsetting and insulting - only Apple can get away with that, you know why?My whole family bought iPhones last night and we absolutely "LOVE" them - I know - THAT IS SAD, I'm weak, what can I say?At this point I would like to say, my borrowed computer crashed yesterday and that is why I'm having trouble blogging currently, should not have given my old Mac away so soon.

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