Little Switch – Big Small Business Collaboration

Quickswitch In our OnlineOffice we have a Quick Switch, which allows you to “switch” from one company to the next. There is no limit to the companies you can set up, or be part off. What’s so great about that you may ask?

Virtual Assistants can set up all their clients with OnlineOffice, and work with all their clients at the same time, each client is only a “click” away. Whatever your virtual service is, typing, bookkeeping, web-dasign, translations, telephone answering, diary management, PR, it does not matter with OnlineOffice and the Quick Switch facility you will easily stay in control.

Accountants can use this in the same fashion, so when a client calls, “switch” to the up-to-date data and give advice. This service is also available for the free accounting software module, so no excuses there.

One other use is if you have more than one company of cause, then you can switch between your businesses easily. Combine this with the benefits of online technology and it eco-friendly impact, and you will be excused for feeling good about your business.

To use this technology, all you need is your find your LiveNet ID – in My LiveNet > My Profile – give it to your client and he/she can set you up as a user on their OnlineOffice system and restrict what you have access to.

This means you can work for anyone in the world who uses OnlineOffice, or you can add contractors, virtual assistants, freelancers or free agents to your system at will.

Great bootstrapping and outsourcing opportunities for your small business, don’t employ people for temp or non-core functions, Quick Switch them. ST.

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